Welcome to my website.
This website is devoted to riders and enthusiasts of the Vertemati, whether it be the Enduro, Motor Cross or in my instance the Super Moto.

This is a computer mock-up of the proposed 2010 model, the eagle eyed of you will have noticed the reverse head design now common place on some mainstream makes.

Please feel free to email me with any Vert related stories, technical advice or just to let me know there are more out there!

C450, C500, C570, E450, E540E, E501, E501E, E570, E570E, S450, S501, S570, S450E, S501E, S570E, SR450, SR600
The Vertemati Logo is registered to Vertemati Racing SAS, Via Bovada 4, 20050 Triuggio (MB) Italy and has no connection to this site
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Not much news on the new bike which is a shame, If it ever gets made I would definatly put one on my Christmas list.
If anyone has information on the factory please let me know and I will post it on these pages.